Our Nursery

In the nursery we aim to be an extension of your home, you just let us know about your child's routine with regards to sleep, bottles and kai times and we will follow this to provide consistency for your child while at the centre. In the nusery we follow the primary care philosophy which sees one of our teachers becomeing the primary carer for your child, they will be responsible for settling your child, nappy changing, sleep times, bottle feeding and the ongoing learning and develoopment for your child. Primary care provides consistency for children so they can anticipate who will be helping them throughout their day and ensures that each child will build a strong attachement with their teacher, which will help them branch out and continue to make relationships with others. When a child's primary care teacher is away the secondary teacher will step in and be supported by anothe rpermanent teacher. All children under the age of one (or on request) will have a communication notebook which will record all important information so that parents will have a clear understanding of how their child's day has been. We support and encourage parents to call us at the centre during the day if they wish to find out how their child's day is or just to say hello.

The nursery enviroment will be set up each day to help support the ages and stages of the children for that day. There will be a range of opportunities to explore arts, messy play, playdough, baking and gross and fine motor exploration. We also offer areas for non mobile children where they can play in their own space without being interrupted by older children.


Nursery programme

8:00am   Welcoming Time/Exploratory Play.
9:20am   Group time is used as a transition to morning tea  
9:30am   Morning Tea
9:45am   A range of indoor and outdoor opportunities will be offered based on childrens interests or dispositions (art, sensory,   science and nature will be included)
11:20am  Story time is used as a transition to Lunch Time
11:30am  Lunch
12:00pm  Resource Time/Indoor Activities/ Sleep Time.
12:30pm  Welcoming Time/Exploratory Play.
2:20pm   Music is used as the transition to Afternoon Tea
2:30pm   Afternoon Tea.
2:45pm   A range of indoor and outdoor opportunities will be offered based on children's interest or dispositions (art, sensory, science and nature will be included).
4:00pm  Late Snack
4:40pm  Exploratory play/ stories and songs  
5:00pm  Centre closes